Welcome to my site.

You probably know me through the many reel reviews that I have written on various web forums and blogs since the year 1999 under my pen name, Alan Hawk.

I do all kinds of fishing, but I have a special fascination with spinning reels. Maybe it's that magic 90 degrees turn the line takes or the fact that building a quality spinning reel costs a lot more than it does to build a quality conventional reel. Whatever the reason is, I just enjoy using a quality spinner. Naturally my main interest is high end spinning reels, therefore you can pretty much guarantee that once a super spinner is released I am going to be one of the first to order. I like testing reels that are made as low-cost alternative to the super spinners as well, and I also would not miss on examining any reel that I find interesting or a good value for money, etc.

This site will host an archive of my surviving and publishable reviews. Some reviews got lost when sites went down and I had no back ups, and some of my earliest reviews are unpublishable due to camera quality and hosting restrictions back then which meant the photos were of a very low quality by today's standards. I'm building the archive at the moment, and in the future there will be new additions and exclusive material added.

Enjoy your stay and contact me if you have any questions.

Alan Hawk
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