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* (2 August 2020) Important update that's too big to fit in here. Click this link to read it.

* (29 July 2020) Things are looking much better than they did a month ago. Following the latest Blog entry some fantastic readers got in touch and provided priceless help both in recovering most of my money and with fishing opportunities despite the lockdowns. Fingers crossed and hoping things will go up from this point on.

* (13 July 2020) Got to briefly check 2 sizes of the BG MQ, both prototypes which I'm told are final and should be identical to production ones. The most notable things I learned is that they have NO mag-seals, and have rubber seals at all possible entry points. This means that IF PROVEN in real life testing it would be a fully sealed reel. Other stuff I could tell; they have a rotor cast brake, the rear body bumper is sturdy plastic even though it looks metal, and the drag likely produces more than the advertised figures without over-tightening (at least the big ones do). On the negative side, they did not follow the trend of louder and crisper drag clicking sound. To me it sounded similar to the "buzz" of previous Daiwa models. The BG MQ is a new independent line btw, it will not replace the 2016 BG which remains in production.

* (1 July 2020) Follow up on the June 11th's news update; Daiwa BG Monocoque is here CLICK. Look at the June 11th update below for my general thoughts on the principle.

* (19 June 2020) Good detective job everyone! You're now sending me tips about suspected scam sites so effectively that we caught one just 6 days after its creation CLICK. Keep the tips coming, and don't forget to share THIS LIST on your social media to help protect others. These sites keep popping up because they do succeed in scamming anglers out of thousands of dollars.

* (11 June 2020) Daiwa will release some very affordable models with the "Monocoque" body. On one hand we'll have the benefits of the design for very little money, but on the other hand self-service will become harder. Some after-market tools that can open all MQ reels will be available too. No clear time-line because of the chaos, but when I review the new Saltiga I should explain the system in realistic terms without the hype or pseudo-science you see repeated everywhere, as well as tell you about any available tools.

* (18 April 2020) This email came today CLICK. With my Spring trips cancelled and no hope of meaningful fishing before Summer, I had decided to drop by the show so I'd have something to write about. I registered and booked flights fully believing things would go back to normal before mid July, but I was sadly mistaken and the show was called off. Maybe I should just turn this into a cooking site, or go undercover to find if that witch had ordered large quantities of sardine oil before her husband disappeared then write an exposť! How depressing...

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