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* (7 November 2018) Pure Fishing (Penn, Mitchell, Abu Garcia, Pflueger, etc.) just got sold.

* (31 October 2018) I'm PISSED OFF! Look at this CLICK. Apparently Facebook accepts advertisements from anyone who pays without validation or investigation. Scam shops have been buying FB ads, these ads appear to thousands of anglers who think that Facebook would only advertise legitimate businesses, so they fall for it. I don't know what to do. I keep getting heartbreaking emails from scammed fishermen, and my warnings and scam lists can't possibly have Facebook's massive reach.

* (28 October 2018)  Once in a lifetime chance- Stella SW reels are sold for $9.99 only!!! Click HERE. Nah, it's just another ridiculous scam site, but you can't deny you felt good for a few seconds :p Be careful out there...

* (14 September 2018) There is a problem with some 2018 Stella FJ reels. Please click HERE.

* (6 September 2018) There will not be a "What Reel " guide this year. The 2017 edition remains very relevant since not much has happened since. I know it feels as if there's a lot of new reels, but in reality most have not entered serial production and as we speak a few are even being redesigned. There is also a major release next year that I'd rather wait and include if it passes the tests. See you in "What Reel 2019".

* (9 August 2018) Quantum Cabo PTSE 100/120 are discontinued. Smaller sizes remain in production.

* (15 July 2018) ICAST 2018 article is finished and uploaded. Go to the Blog page and click on it.

* (4 May 2018) The Sahara FI's review is up, and it covers a lot of other ground. Enjoy it.

* (22 March 2018) Penn has just announced that they started putting a ball bearing instead of a bushing inside the line roller of the Slammer III reels. Click Here. I tested the reels when they first came out, found the bushing to be problematic, and gave the reels a thumbs down here & here. Good to see an upgrade and in due time I'll test the upgraded reel and see how it does.

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