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* (17 November 2017) Daiwa put up a graphic that puts a mag-sealed bearing in the 2016 BG. CLICK. It's most likely an innocent mistake, but thought I should mention it to prevent confusion since it's on the main page of their site. The BG does not have any mag-seals, bearings or otherwise. 

* (4 November 2017) If you come across one of the fake tackle shops, don't just avoid it. Send me the link as well so I can add it to the list and warn others. There is no way for me to scan the entire internet for them, so your help is needed.

* (18 October 2017) I answer ALL emails. Sometimes my replies get blocked or caught by your email's filters, so if you don't hear back from me in 72 hours maximum check your spam/bulk folder and email me again if you find nothing.  

* (15 October 2017) Daiwa apparently understood that low grade gearing with vague"Digigear xx" logos won't cut it anymore for the informed anglers. A new range of mid priced reels is coming, where they specifically state that the gear is "machined A7075 aluminium for durability". I'll be examining the ones without a mag-seal first in the near future. Thank you, smelly fishos, for responding to factual reviews and voting with your wallets. You made this happen.

* (10 October 2017) The "What Reel 2017" article is done. Find it on the Blog page, and hope you enjoy it. 

* (24 September 2017) I need more time for  the What Reel 2017 article, just days not weeks. On other news a German company named Vosseler is making a new spinning reel. No idea how it will be but certainly something encouraging since the last time a spinning reel was made in Germany was in 1994. Click.

* (12 September 2017) Think twice before buying a ZeeBass reel. Been receiving a stream of verified complaints about huge delays in service, emails and phone calls rarely answered, extra work done and charged without consulting owners, etc. ZeeBass was recently sold to a small company and to me things seem quite chaotic.  

* (3 September) The 2016 Fin-Nor Offshore review is done and uploaded. Go to the Reviews page and click it.  

* (9 August 2017) Okuma responded swiftly and redesigned the roller of the Makaira, and added markers on the drag knob. Check the top of the review  for details and important instructions, then check the Lists page.

* (13 July 2017) Lately I've been dedicating more time to light freshwater fishing. A full review covering a number of light reels will come this summer. Appreciate your patience.

* (21 June 2017) It feels great every time one of my mindľnumbingly stupid reviews pushes for an improved reel, be it a flagship of the biggest names or a non-mainstream reel that few heard of. Blue Marlin and Robert Koelewyn have improved the BMC/J reels significantly, and the upgraded reel has earned a place in the top lists.

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