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* (9 August 2017) Okuma responded swiftly and redesigned the roller of the Makaira. Check the top of the review  for details and important instructions, then check the Lists page.    

* (24 July 2017) A major announcement is coming within the next two weeks. Stay tuned.  

* (15 July 2017) For months I've been getting enquiries about country of manufacture of some Penn reels that used to bear "Made in USA" but no more do, with links to FB fights and debates, and apparently the debate is reignited now that more Penn reels just debuted in the fishing show without this label. In a nutshell the reels are now labelled "Made in USA of US and imported parts" which is what's known as a "Qualified Made in USA claim" qualified here means "conditional". According to the Federal Trade Commission this label is to be used on "products that include US content but don’t meet the criteria for making an unqualified (unconditional) Made in USA claim". So this would be used when a reel is assembled in the USA with a significant foreign content. The FTC link above also makes it clear that this label is another way of saying "Assembled in the USA". Other US reels such as Accurate, Avet, and IRT have imported parts such as bearings and seals but they still qualify for the unrestricted "Made in USA" because the foreign content remains insignificant. These are the facts from government sources to end speculation, but ultimately we shouldn't care where a product is made and each should be evaluated in its own merits. The most repeated theme in my work over the years is that quality is where you find it, and in certain cases we've seen superb quality coming from China and questionable quality made in USA or Japan.

* (13 July 2017) Lately I've been dedicating more time to light freshwater fishing. A full review covering a number of light reels will come this summer. Appreciate your patience.

* (1 July 2017) Those who had problems reading the Makaira review on some mobile devices, please check again now. I fixed the code and the text cut-off should be gone now.

* (21 June 2017) It feels great every time one of my mind–numbingly stupid reviews pushes for an improved reel, be it a flagship of the biggest names or a non-mainstream reel that few heard of. Blue Marlin and Robert Koelewyn have improved the BMC/J reels significantly, and the upgraded reel has earned a place in the top lists.

* (1 May 2017) Added a quick note in the Blog section. Check it out.

* (9 April 2017) Those asking what I think of the new Saltist and Slammer III, please check the first few paragraphs of this latest review.

* (26 March 2017) The Okuma Metaloid spinning reel has been cancelled. It will not go on sale.

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