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* (14 September 2018) There is a problem with some 2018 Stella FJ reels. Please click HERE. 

* (6 September 2018) There will not be a "What Reel " guide this year. The 2017 edition remains very relevant since not much has happened since. I know it feels as if there's a lot of new reels, but in reality most have not entered serial production and as we speak a few are even being redesigned. There is also a major release next year that I'd rather wait and include if it passes the tests. See you in "What Reel 2019".

* (30 August 2018) Welcome to people who are new to this site. After reading about your favourite reels, I highly recommend that you look at this article from earlier this year about the volume reviews you see online. Many re-branding operations as well as some major mainstream brands are fooling you.

* (9 August 2018) Quantum Cabo PTSE 100/120 are discontinued. Smaller sizes remain in production.

* (30 July 2018) Beware of this newest scam Click Here. The scammers now create a fake Paypal checkout screen to make you feel safe but you're actually sending your credit card information or password to the crook.

* (15 July 2018) ICAST 2018 article is finished and uploaded. Go to the Blog page and click on it.

* (11 July 2018) Check this page in the next 36 hours. A new artcile is coming.

* (4 May 2018) The Sahara FI's review is up, and it covers a lot of other ground. Enjoy it.

* (22 March 2018) Penn has just announced that they started putting a ball bearing instead of a bushing inside the line roller of the Slammer III reels. Click Here. I tested the reels when they first came out, found the bushing to be problematic, and gave the reels a thumbs down here & here. Good to see an upgrade and in due time I'll test the upgraded reel and see how it does.

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