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* (11 September 2019) Back from the tour. Email replies should be back to the standard 48 hours max from next week right after I sleep for a day and get an ashiatsu massage to cure my sore body! Thanks for your patience during these past 5 weeks.

* (20 August 2019) Finally after +2 years of waiting the production Okuma Makaira 10000 reels are rolling off the assembly lines, although still in limited numbers. 

* (30 July 2019) There is a business named "jigging master" who's retailing a spinning reel, and the text on its foot says "jigging master Taiwan". I personally find this to be potentially misleading since I believe it to be a Chinese made branded reel, so I thought I'd prevent any confusion with this note.

* (20 July 2019) The 2019 Stella SW review is done and uploaded. Find it on the Reviews page.

* (10 July 2019) Some of the care products I recommended in the Reel Care article have been discontinued since it was published in 2014. I updated the article itself a few times to include special maintenance tips for some novel designs and features, and will update the obsolete products this summer once I'm done testing a large selection of lubes etc. In other news, keep checking this space. I'll give you some exciting news soon.

* (15 May 2019) I told you about Ebay removing negative feedback left for Power Sellers in the Fake Reviews article. now look at what Amazon does CLICK. They are supposed to strike negative feedback on items fulfilled by Amazon, ONLY when it's about shipping/packing issues since Amazon does the shipping. Now though they apparently abuse this feature and strike off all negatives even if it's about the seller selling counterfeit items!! Just like Ebay, you could be buying from a crook but you'll never know because all the negative has been removed and it shows 100% positive. We truly live in giant fake world today where you're left with no means of finding truth!

* (3 May 2019) Finished testing a large batch of recent Daiwa models, and the Tatula LT stood out as a brilliant performer for not much money. It has been added to the top lists. Fishing as hard as I've ever done, and lots of material coming in the next months. Stay tuned.

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