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* (14 December 2018) Part #3 of this worldwide exclusive (#1 and #2 highlighted in red below). A very short clip of the 2019 Shimano Stella SW. You can see the new body shape and the new vertical text on spool instead of the traditional horizontal SW text ... CLICK.

* (11 December 2018) Yet another year is over! 16 was the "year of the reel", 17 was still busy, but 18 was slow enough for everyone to catch their breath. It ended though with a bombshell, the upcoming 19'Stella SW, so we know 19 is going to be mad busy. As usual I tried my best; spent more time than ever replying to a record number of emails, went after the fake reviews machine all the way into the dark web, got a couple of brands to upgrade their reels, and with your help a dozen or so scam shops no longer exist. I hope you found something useful or entertaining in it all. Need here to thank some readers for their valuable help, each in one way or another be it tips and information, taking me fishing, giving me access to trade events, supporting the site, or providing vital information on cyber security and legal advice- C. Rosevear, Naser Al-Sabah, Hitomi Nakamura, A. Yoshida, Alessandro & Maria, Mike McGrath, Brian Marino, Sayed Abdula, Ante Matijaca, and last but not least "stingy" Nigel (you know who you are!!). I hope everyone enjoys a safe and a very merry Christmas, and keep checking this News page for any updates :)

* (11 December 2018) Let me put this thing to rest. Here is the origin of that reel which everyone has been acting so coy and mysterious about CLICK. I put some comparison markings for those not mechanically inclined.

* (10 December 2018) More of this worldwide exclusive - CLICK. A beautiful shot of the 2019 Stella SW being tested. Only a perfectly waterproof reel can survive such a ride in the gunnel while being violently attacked by saltwater sprays. We shall see in due time. Also, to address another question I keep getting, the rotor is not composite. Still a fully metal rotor, but has cutaways on top mated with a composite cap to reduce weight.

* (9 December 2018) Readers' mail after the previous news update is like.... CLICK 

* (5 December 2018) 2019 Stella SW is coming. Click -> Photo 1 & Photo 2. That's the "major release" I mentioned in September 6th news update down below. Update December 5th- Receiving high volume of emails about it. The reel is coming out in ALL SIZES; I only posted two examples. The reel is lighter, it has new drag washer construction, upgraded gearing, intricate "maze" type water protection, full sealing, and other features that I'll discuss later.

* (26 November 2018) I will very likely be in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, late January. If you have a boat and want to take me fishing, please get in touch. I'll buy the beer and let you use some fancy tackle I'm testing as well. Update November 29th; Found someone, thank you!

* (31 October 2018) I'm PISSED OFF! Look at this CLICK. Apparently Facebook accepts advertisements from anyone who pays without validation or investigation. Scam shops have been buying FB ads, these ads appear to thousands of anglers who think that Facebook would only advertise legitimate businesses, so they fall for it. I don't know what to do. I keep getting heartbreaking emails from scammed fishermen, and my warnings and scam lists can't possibly have Facebook's massive reach.

* (28 October 2018)  Once in a lifetime chance- Stella SW reels are sold for $9.99 only!!! Click HERE. Nah, it's just another ridiculous scam site, but you can't deny you felt good for a few seconds :p Be careful out there...

* (14 September 2018) There is a problem with some 2018 Stella FJ reels. Please click HERE.

* (6 September 2018) There will not be a "What Reel " guide this year. The 2017 edition remains very relevant since not much has happened since. I know it feels as if there's a lot of new reels, but in reality most have not entered serial production and as we speak a few are even being redesigned. There is also a major release next year that I'd rather wait and include if it passes the tests. See you in "What Reel 2019".

* (15 July 2018) ICAST 2018 article is finished and uploaded. Go to the Blog page and click on it.

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