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* (4 December 2017) Time really flies, doesn't it? 2017 is over, and comes that time of the year when many emails are from people asking whether to buy a Stella, a Saltiga, or a Makaira as a present for a family member, leaving me wondering why I don't have relatives who gift high end gear? Last year the best present I got from family was a suspicious looking wine bottle that had no label or brand, except for a logo depicting what looked like a big rat! Anyway, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2018, and don't forget to tell your family that you love them, and do acts of kindness :)

* (4 December 2017) Finally managed to get a leak! There is NO new Stella SW in 2018, but there is a new freshwater Stella whose technology and features will partially be the base for the next SW model.

* (2 December 2017) Check these two videos, highlighting more design and excution issues in the Penn Slammer 3. Video 1, Video 2 . The videos are the work of Nick P., who is both highly knowledgeable and a straight shooter. His channel has other excellent videos including one showing how to service a mag-sealed bearing.

* (29 November 2017) The "Star Fishing Tackle" S7000 & S8000 reels have rubbish advertised drag figures. They claim 28lbs for the 7000 and 25lbs for the 8000, in reality the 7000 does 18.7lbs, and the 8000 does 17.5lbs. Figured it weeks ago but needed time to examine several pieces before I post. Full evaluation later, this is just a quick heads up. As usual be wary of efforts to prove otherwise.

* (27 November 2017) The next article is the most important thing I've ever written, and should be up sometime before mid December mid January. Can't be specific about timing because it's pretty much done, but I'm locked in a torturous cycle with my lawyer who keeps sending it back asking me to word some parts differently etc. Once he stops emotionally abusing me and gives me the green light it will be up.

* (17 November 2017) Daiwa put up a graphic that puts a mag-sealed bearing in the 2016 BG. CLICK. It's most likely an innocent mistake, but thought I should mention it to prevent confusion since it's on the main page of their site. The BG does not have any mag-seals, bearings or otherwise. 

* (4 November 2017) If you come across one of the fake tackle shops, don't just avoid it. Send me the link as well so I can add it to the list and warn others. There is no way for me to scan the entire internet for them, so your help is needed.

* (9 August 2017) Okuma responded swiftly and redesigned the roller of the Makaira, and added markers on the drag knob. Check the top of the review  for details and important instructions, then check the Lists page.

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