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* (5 June 2018) A date to remember. Web forums have always been the second biggest source of traffic to this site after search engines, today my referrer statistics say that social media has taken over web forums to become the second source of traffic. If you had told me that in 2011 I'd have laughed at you because I considered social media to be a medium for people to show others what they're eating and for Ms. Kardashian to show off her humongous behind. I suck at anticipating trends!

* (30 May 2018) I'm depressed. Despite my best efforts I still hear from fishermen who were scammed by fraudulent tackle shops. The crooks are becoming more sophisticated than ever, some even pose as shops located in the US and Europe, and they also write fake positive reviews for themselves. Please feel free to email me before ordering from a place you did not use before. I will give these emails priority and let you know if the shop is a fraud or not within 36 hours.

* (4 May 2018) The Sahara FI's review is up, and it covers a lot of other ground. Enjoy it.

* (16 April 2018) You gotta love how creative those scumbags are; instead of putting up suspiciously low prices, they lure the victims with a huge discount code on the entire order CLICK. I continue to update and expand the list of fraudulent shops. Please share THIS LIST as much as you can to protect others, and report any suspicious sites to me.

* (22 March 2018) Penn has just announced that they started putting a ball bearing instead of a bushing inside the line roller of the Slammer III reels. Click Here. I tested the reels when they first came out, found the bushing to be problematic, and gave the reels a thumbs down here & here. Good to see an upgrade and in due time I'll test the upgraded reel and see how it does.

* (6 March 2018) The first addition to the Black List in years; I used to like the quality of Peerless Bam reels in the past, today I have no option but to put their modern reels on that list.

* (14 January 2018) A new article has been posted. Find it in the BLOG section.

* (19 December 2017) A few weeks ago I posted a worldwide exclusive leak that a new freshwater Stella was coming in 2018, the technology of which to be partially used for the next SW model (check December 4th update below). Here is your first look CLICK. I am closely following the development of the future SW, and will tell you things when I think it's prudent to do so.

* (4 December 2017) Finally managed to get a leak! There is NO new Stella SW in 2018, but there is a new freshwater Stella whose technology and features will partially be the base for the next SW model.

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