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* (24 January 2020) Got a few messages about this CLICK. Visser Reel, a new brand by Robert Koelewyn. If they ever make it in bluewater sizes I might buy one and get it bloody and dirty. In other news, I hate you, all of you! No particular reason for hating, just feel like it!

* (17 January 2020) Saltiga 2020 Technology video in English. Will take it down when a better quality version appears. There is a small mistake at 1:15 where the gear's size is up 12% not 112%. Enjoy it HERE

* (15 January 2020) More answers to your questions; the bigger Stella SW-C reels do have a backup anti-reverse, so it's basically like the Saragosa SW where only the big ones have it. The clutch of these big Stellas SW-C (18k/20k/30k) is the same externally mounted plastic-housed one seen in the review of the 14000. Note- Due to spike in messages please allow up to 48 hours for a reply. Appreciate your patience

* (15 January 2020) Again answering the more frequent questions to reduce email volume. The conversion from previous Saltiga sizing to new goes roughyl like this; 4500 = 8000 ; 5000 = 10000 ; 5500 (Exp) = 14000 ; 6500 = 18000 ; 8000 (Exp, DF) = 20000.

* (14 January 2020) In December 28th news teaser I promised "releases"  and not just a release, and here it is CLICK. The Stella SW is completing the lineup with 4000, 5000, 6000, 18000, 20000, and 30000 sizes. Debuting in Yokohama in a few days and also coming to America during ICAST.

* (9 January 2020) Must've received the same question a hundred times since I posted the January 8th news, so let me answer it here to reduce email volume; the spools of the 2020 Saltiga are NOT interchangeable with any previous generation, and no tweaks can make this happen; the spool hub is a completely new design for better sealing and easy shimming, and the clicker has been moved to the top of the spool for different acoustics. Also, what you see now is not the whole line-up. More size/speed combinations are planned for the future.

* (8 January 2020) Followup to the December 28th teaser below - Remember this announcement from June? CLICK . Well, the 2020 Saltiga is here, and will appear in Yokohama show this month then in ICAST in July. This time I have a existing familiarity with the reel, so I can tell you it's revolutionary instead of evolutionary. New unprecedented concepts in sealing, materials, gearing power, drag, and corrosion resistance. Most significantly, the reel was extensively tested by people who actually have knowledge and can point issues and improvements. Numbers and basic information are being released, and as usual expect a review after thorough testing in real life, then finally the "What Reel 2020"  will be posted. Now you know why I postponed it time after time.

* (28 December 2019) IMPORTANT releases coming in Yokohama Fishing Show January 17th, and I should give you exciting information over the next days. I'll be more responsible this year with my timing! Check this page once a day over the next couple of weeks.

* (20 August 2019) Finally after +2 years of waiting the production Okuma Makaira 10000 reels are rolling off the assembly lines, although still in limited numbers. 

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