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    Selling some reels; Classic Daiwa BG, Tica Talisman, Fin-Nor Lethal 100, Fin-Nor Ahab, WFT 2 speed spinner, Click Here

* (21 June 2017) It feels great every time one of my mindľnumbingly stupid reviews pushes for an improved reel, be it a flagship of the biggest names or a non-mainstream reel that few heard of. Blue Marlin and Robert Koelewyn have improved the BMC/J reels significantly, and the upgraded reel has earned a place in the top lists.

* (15 June 2017) The Makaira review is done and uploaded to the Reviews page. Enjoy it.

* (20 May 2017) Something intersting is coming on June 7th. Update: Make that the 14th. It will be worth it!

* (1 May 2017) Added a quick note in the Blog section. Check it out.

* (9 April 2017) Those asking what I think of the new Saltist and Slammer III, please check the first few paragraphs of this latest review.

* (26 March 2017) The Okuma Metaloid spinning reel has been cancelled. It will not go on sale.

* (4 March 2017) My Makairas are here, significantly changed from show pieces. Production 20K and 30K have black spool lips and enlarged drag knobs (round centre knob). Ones with a silver lip are pre-production samples which I saw being sold so be careful. Early 30K prototypes had black lips too but those had no text on the spool and silver body inserts so you can easily tell them. Most shops/sellers are using the old pictures with the silver lip which is fine, just check the actual 20K and 30K you receive to make sure it has a black spool lip.

* (1 March 2017) "Tsunami Shield" is a rebranded OEM reel sold under other names such as Catking Ace & Balzer Metallica Salza. Checked a blank one in 2015 and a Shield recently, and found it to be of basic quality with entry level gearing. The large ones are fully sealed in theory, while the smaller ones are not. It's important to note that the company did NOT misrepresent its origin, so any negative connotations occasionally associated with some rebranded reels do not apply here.

* (2 January 2017) Watch this video for instructions on how to humanely kill a fish instead of leaving it to suffer slow suffocation Click Here. It's the right thing to do from both ethical and religious standpoints now that peer-reviewed studies show that fish feel pain.

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