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* (23 March 2020) Sending my love to Italy and keeping its people in my thoughts during these horrific times. I lived in Rome for a few months 20 years ago, and would buy lures and soft bait from a cosy shop in Appia Nuova then go on fishing trips that produced very little but were immense fun. Have great affinity for that beautiful land of rich history, unmatched natural wonders, incredible football, and of course its cheerful and rambunctious people who are invariably terrible drivers yet great cooks and generous souls. Stay well. Your brothers all over the world are thinking about you. 

* (19 March 2020) Surprise! So, almost a month ago Daiwa released this statement saying that the 2020 Saltiga was being delayed due to the outbreak. A couple of weeks ago a Japanese dealer friend told me he was quoted May/June release. Yet yesterday some shops in Japan started receiving their allocated reels, and anglers who booked early started picking them up CLICK. These are actual production retail reels, not samples. I'm still waiting to hear what exactly happened, but early information indicate that they decided to change the suppliers of some small parts that originally came from China such as springs, spacers, and pins. Anyway, they're out now and hopefully they'll reach export markets on original schedule.

* (17 March 2020) Being shut-in brings some interesting thoughts to my head. For the last six days I've been thinking about legally changing my name to Vincenzo, but my ex -who's my best buddy- tells me she's convinced I've gone completely mad. Tell me what you think about it, and give me the reasons you think I should do it or the reasons you think I shouldn't. You must write to me in Hindi though....

* (19 February 2020) A new article has been posted. Find it in the Blog section, and hope you enjoy it.

* (8 February 2020) Hey Spanish fishos! Will spend about 11 days between Barcelona and Blanes beginning last week of April. If you're based there (or about) and can take me fishing for bluefin on your boat, please get in touch. My schedule is semi flexible and will work it around your availability. Will share costs of fuel, drinks are on me, and you'll get to play with some very interesting reels and give me feedback & impressions. Even if you don't speak English that well please don't let that stop you. With little help from online translators on the phone I've met people and spent great time without speaking a word of English. Thank you! (Update 11Feb) Got someone. Appreciate your kind offers. Special thanks to Erik Ouwens of Chasing-Blue Fishing, Gabriel Ruiz, and Alex Navarro. You are all so generous!

* (28 January 2020) Important- If you email me and don't hear back please check your bulk/spam folders. I answer every single email, but due to the number of messages I send daily some spam detectors might be triggered. Also AT&T email accounts never receive my replies. Please do not use AT&T email addresses when you contact me.

* (15 January 2020) More answers to your questions; the bigger Stella SW-C reels do have a backup anti-reverse, so it's basically like the Saragosa SW where only the big ones have it. The clutch of these big Stellas SW-C (18k/20k/30k) is the same externally mounted plastic-housed one seen in the review of the 14000. Note- Due to spike in messages please allow up to 48 hours for a reply. Appreciate your patience.

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