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New Reel Giveaway

Here is the deal. For ages our connection has been more than that of a journalist and readers (or a wannabe-journalist in my case since I kinda suck at it). Throughout the years many of you invited me to fish, housed me during trips, helped me buy gear that couldn't ship directly to me, put me in contact with local boats and skippers, and I've got to know you on personal levels and made countless actual friends in the process.  

Now I feel it's time to give a little something back to the community, and while this time it's much less than you deserve, I hope in the future I'll be able to do it on a larger scale and offer much more expensive items.

I'm holding a free giveaway of a 2021 Spheros SW-A in a size and ratio of your choice, and it will be brand new as it comes from the factory and not a reel that's involved in any of my field testing whatsoever. It might not sound like much to some anglers, but over the years I've heard from thousands of fishos who couldn't buy a $200 reel. Therefore I ask you to please only participate if that reel is something that you normally wouldn't be able to afford so it would mean something to the winner. There is no joy in adding a Spheros to your collection of expensive Saltigas and Stellas :)

Information about the giveaway

1) The reel that will be given away is the 2021 Spheros SW-A. This is the fully sealed saltwater model that is a watered-down version of the Saragosa SW-A, not to be confused with the imposter "Spheros SW" of 2019 which I spoke about in this article.

2) This giveaway is completely free. No money or purchase of any kind is required. This is not a commercial site or a shopping portal and the only sale ever conducted here is the private sale of my own personal reels on this page.

3) My legal people require me to say the following silly stuff; my role is limited to gifting a reel to the winner. By participating in this giveaway you acknowledge that I bear no responsibility for the misuse of the reel, any injury you might suffer while using it, or damage to property or person arising from any fault in the design or manufacture of the reel. Use it in safe conditions, read the instructions carefully before spooling or mounting it, and follow all the wildlife regulations and laws governing sportfishing in your locality.

4) Also for reasons of legal liability, only people 18 years or older can participate. If you are a young fisherman who's not yet 18, please ask a parent, a guardian, or a friend who's over 18 to submit an entry on your behalf. The person submitting an entry on behalf of anyone under 18 affirms that he or she will supervise the young angler during fishing and that they bear all responsibility for the young person's safety and adherence to local fishing laws and regulations.

5) This giveaway is open to everyone from any country in the world. I will pay for the delivery of the reel to you anywhere. If your country imposes customs duties or importation charges, these will be up to you to pay. I will do my best for it to arrive to you smoothly without hassles but I have no control over your government's imposed charges.

6) By participating you promise that if you win the reel you will fish it and enjoy it. This is not for you if you want to get it only to sell it new or exchange it for cash, goods, or services by any means.

7) The giveaway runs until October 31st, 2021, 11:59 PM GMT. After that a winner will be picked and I will immediately contact him or her to ask which size and ratio they want. You must be able to check your email and answer within 72 hours of being informed that you won. If I don't hear back in 72 hours, someone else will be picked.

8) If the winner chooses, I will post a congratulations message stating their name. If the winner prefers not to have their name published, then I will respect their privacy and only state that a winner has been picked and received their reel.

9) I will be in the United States during the giveaway period, so your choice is only limited to the sizes and ratios available in the American market which are listed HERE.

10) This is not a promo and this giveaway is not sponsored by anyone. I don't engage in that filth. The reel will be bought, packaged, and shipped with my own money to make a fisherman out there happy.

11) For the sake of fairness, everyone gets only one entry. Anyone who sends multiple entries will be excluded. The vast majority of fishermen are decent honest people, but unfortunately there are always the few oddballs who don't care about fairness or basic decency.

12) If Naomi Watts is reading this and you want the reel, then to hell with fairness and you'll get the reel right away, in addition to my house, my guns, my car, my kidney, and the other kidney as well because I love you more than I love being alive babe!!!

How to participate

To submit an entry, please go to the contact page HERE and send the following:

1) Your name

2) Your city (not your detailed address, just the city)

3) An email address that will be active and accessible to you around the beginning of November 2021.

Please note the following;

* If you win, the reel will be sent to the name and city stated in your entry. This can't be changed.

* Due to the number of entries expected, I will not be able to send each participant a personal acknowledgement that their entry was received. If you click "send" and see the thank you message, rest assured that your entry was successful and has been received safely.

* If you get an error message from your network, then submit another entry using the exact same email, name, and city. This will not be considered a double entry and you will be entered in the giveaway.

* If English is not your first language and something on this page is unclear, please contact me and I will find a way to explain it to you with the help of machine translation or someone who speaks your language.

Good luck everyone, and hope this will put a smile on your face during these tough times.

Alan Hawk

August, 19th, 2021