I'm re-activating, and things around here are about to go back to normal. Actually I'm embarking on my first multi-day fishing trip in a long time this Thursday and all is looking great.

Before I can go back to normal though I need to deal with something that has been on my mind; the money you've given me in the past 5 months during the height of the virus lockdowns. If you were one of my monthly supporters, you already know that I've cancelled your recurring Paypal payment from my end. It's the individual supporters whom I need to address here. You see, through these tough months you generously kept sending money, and I thought nothing of it since it always felt like normalcy was just around the corner and life will soon resume. It took longer than expected though, and now I look at the large sum of money compiled in my account and I don't feel comfortable keeping it. For the most part I spent nothing on fishing or gear during these months, which is the purpose you sent that money for.

So, since I can't really email each supporter individually, and even if I somehow could the email addresses associated with your Paypal accounts might not be ones that you actively use, here is a collective reach out to all of you- if you sent me money anytime this year and you'd rather have it back, please send me the Paypal transaction # via the contact form and I'll refund it to you immediately.

If not, then all the money received will be donated to a good charity. It's a hospice for terminally ill children patroned by HRH Duchess Catherine Middleton, so definitely as genuine and credible as it gets. This way I wouldn't have kept money that's not really mine and we'd all get some good karma out of it. I'll be online frequently to process any refund requests quickly, and in 10 days or so I'll just donate anything left.

Your terrible smell notwithstanding, you're a truly amazing bunch of people and I don't know what I've done to deserve such an incredible virtual family. It must have been something I did in a previous life because in this one I generally suck.

Stay well, and wish me luck as I shake off the rust and send them poppers flying!!

Alan Hawk
August, 2nd, 2020

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