A quick reel sale is up. Ends November 30th. Check it out HERE

* (17 October 2020) Just had a special preview of some reels, some still unreleased/unannounced and some are additions to existing lines. The global crisis pushed the announcement of some interesting stuff to next year, so we will get a "double shot" in 2021. As usual I reserve judgment until I thoroughly fish individual models, but from the looks of it we've turned a corner where modern manufacturing technology has made extremely high quality pretty cheap to make. We will be spoilt for choice more than ever in the sub $200 soon!!

* (13 October 2020) This is horrific! Now crooks find vulnerabilities in legitimate websites then upload scam tackle shops to them. Look at this example where hackers broke into what appears to be a legitimate hotel's site and inserted their scam CLICK & SCREENSHOT. I can't put that on my fake shops LIST or Google will cache it and the innocent hotel will forever be associated with a scam in search results.   

* (22 September 2020) The Saltiga review has been published. Find it on the Reviews page.

* (3 September 2020) Alive and kicking. Been quiet because I'm fishing harder and longer than any time. A lot of hunger built up in me during the dark months of lockdowns. Good stuff to come later.

* (2 August 2020) Important update that's too big to fit in here. Click this link to read it.

* (29 July 2020) Things are looking much better than they did a month ago. Following the latest Blog entry some fantastic readers got in touch and provided priceless help both in recovering most of my money and with fishing opportunities despite the lockdowns. Fingers crossed and hoping things will go up from this point on.

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