Selling some of my reels. Check them out HERE

* (26 April 2021) Working my butt off to the best I can through the trillionth wave of this thing, and good stuff will be coming. You know that when I've made you wait it was always worth it... Or so I like to delude myself. Duh!

* (31 March 2021) Updated the "Daiwa BG Spawns" article to include the latest specifications and additions, and made it responsive in the course (mobile phone friendly). Find it HERE.

* (1 March 2021) And back! Posted an update to the "Pandemic Chronicles". Find it at the bottom HERE.

* (16 January 2021) Getting lots of enquiries about opening the monoqueue housing of some Daiwas. In the past I used complex rubberised grips, also borrowed sockets from contacts in the industry on a limited basis, but as the number of MQ models increased I created my own tools. Here is a simple one fashioned from a discarded reel handle that I cut to create the three lugs (right inset), about to enter the recesses (left inset), and finally fully embedded ready to unscrew (main image) CLICK. Looks like a contraption from hell but having smoothed the edges of the aluminium alloy it leaves the finish intact. If you're not sure, better wait for one of several sets coming to the market in the near future. Will list and highlight everything available in upcoming reviews.

* (15 January 2021) Leaving on another fishing tour Saturday until early to mid February. During that period replies to your emails will be slower and might not come for several days, but rest assured that if you send a message it will receive a reply eventually. Be well and wish me luck.

* (2 January 2021) Starting this new year with the overdue review of Shimano's Sedona FI 8000. Click HERE to check it out and hope you enjoy it.

* (10 December 2020) Finally updated the "Reel Care" article to include newer reels and products. Check it out HERE. A couple of updates and a bit of news will be coming over the next weeks. Keep checking this page.

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