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*Selling some of my reels. Check them out HERE*

* (13 August 2022) Check this space on Wednesday 24th of August. A new review is coming, and believe me, you'll WANT to see it on the day it's released. You'll understand when you read it. Sorry for keeping you waiting those past months but the rest of the year is going to be rewarding enough.


* (26 July 2022) After almost 40 years, American innovation is roaring back. Will leave it at that for the time being and more to come later.


* (19 July 2022) Finally some serious action CLICK HERE. Years ago I warned you that many tackle brands were posting mass fake 5 stars' ratings on sites such as Amazon and Trustpilot among others, including -sadly- some major brands that were historically respected. Have a look at my article if you haven't yet seen it HERE.  


* (12 July 2022) For ICAST show Daiwa is releasing the "Free Swimmer" reel, a free-linning spinner targeting the dominance of Shimano's Baitrunner reels. Should be interesting to watch.


* (25 June 2022) Haven't slowed down as some of you have been telling me. In my Christmas message last December I told you nothing is planned first half of 2022 until the insanity settles down, so it's all planned and announced. Lately fished like I haven't since 2019, and you'll like the amount of material that's coming this year. Stay tuned.


* (4 April 2022) Guess what? Click. That's me flying south to where the giants swim, for the first time in 2 years free from critically timed pre-flight Covid tests, invasive locator forms, and post arrival quarantine risks. Heck, I don't even have a mask on my face which might not exactly be the official rules but cabin crews have been giving us the 'wink' when mentioning that masks are required. I put writing on hold for now since I can finish up reviews any time, and will instead use this chance to fish as hard as I can and test several reels. Hoping this year will see a return to my pre-pandemic levels of content output :)


* (25 January 2022) It's been only 3 days since Daiwa and Shimano merely announced their latest generation flagship freshwater reels, and I'm already being asked whether the 2022 Exist or the 2022 Stella is a better reel! Always wait for proper evaluation after lengthy usage of production reels. Anything short of that would be misleading speculations that you should never seek or count on.