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* (7 April 2024) Apologies if you had to wait too long to get a reply to your message. Trying my best but the post-review traffic surge is taking longer than usual to fade thus the number of messages remains too high. Please allow up to 6 days for a response. Thank you for understanding.


* (28 February 2024) Three years in the making, the Daiwa BG MQ review is now live. Check it out HERE, and hope you enjoy it.


* (12 February 2024) Working my lazy butt off and so far all going to plan and you'll get the review on time. Meanwhile PLEASE REMEMBER to check your spam/bulk folder for my reply to your emails. I answer them all but sometimes they end up being caught by filters on your end. When you ask me for a link it raises the chance of my reply going to spam since links make your filters more nervous.


* (6 January 2024) Marking 10 years since the release of the 2014 Expedition, special edition 23' Saltiga inshore in the royal blue colour scheme of the Expedition. Click HERE to see sexiness embodied!


* (11 October 2023) Back from a big blue water trip which unfortunately was not very successful. Not the worst, and I still managed to land a few and take cool pictures for the reviews, but certainly luck was not on my side this time and I'm back with three new reels that weren't challenged in a satisfactory way. I'll see if I can instead finish up anything from the backlog before Christmas, otherwise the next review will be in 2024. Either way, keep checking for news and updates.