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Selling some of my reels. Check them out HERE

* (25 November 2021) Finished and uploaded the review of Quantum's Reliance. Have a look at it HERE, and hope you'll enjoy it.


* (1 November 2021) It's already November 1st GMT, and the reel giveaway is in motion. Check out the latest update at the bottom of the GIVEAWAY PAGE.


* (30 September 2021) Had to share this CLICK. Now I've really seen everything!! Anyway, still working on the upcoming review and hopefully it will be out soon. You'll understand the delay when you finally read it.


* (19 August 2021) Holding a free reel giveaway as a thank you to the smelly fishos community. Click HERE, and hope this will provide you with some fun which I think we all need right now.


* (24 July 2021) A major fishing show just wrapped up and a number of new reels that were exhibited are on their way to me right now. First such deliveries in almost two years and couldn't be more childishly excited!! Hoping that soon action will get back to pre-pandemic levels, although flying to fish remains as challenging as it's been since that apocalyptic event began.


* (15 July 2021) Wrote a few words on the new Twin Power SW and Certate SW. Go to the Blog page and click the top title.