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* (29 September 2023) Don't want to get ahead of myself, but need to say that next year is going to be EPIC.


* (30 August 2023) Looking for fishos in Southern Italy or Spain who own a boat and can take me tuna fishing anytime between September 9th & 21st. Completely flexible between these two dates. This is not in return for any monetary compensation, instead I'll pay for the fuel, snacks & drinks on board, and you'll get to play with interesting new & upcoming reels that I'm testing. Also, if there is a high end reel that you've always wished to fish I can source it either from my own collection or a loan and you get to use it for the entire duration. Pretty much any Stella or Saltiga generation, TD-X RIA / HIA, Accurate, Torque 1/2, Makaira, etc. Get in touch and let's talk. [Update September 3rd] Got someone. Thank you!!


* (23 August 2023) Site upgrades are done. Enjoy the speed and secure connection on any device. In other news, have to say I was a bit surprised by the reels you picked from the ICAST 2023 article to be reviewed. A couple of your top requests were expected, but some others were certainly not. All added to the queue and in due time they'll be fished then gossiped about right here with the aid of coloured arrows, unending digressions, and a few crude jokes!


* (15 July 2023) Went to what was arguably the best edition of ICAST show ever. See the new reels and read my silly meanderings on the BLOG page.


* (3 July 2023) The Federal Trade Commission is finally acting; CLICK HERE. I've been warning about this for at least 10 years now, and 5 years ago I published a big article going into details HERE. Sadly still very prevalent in fishing tackle trade, be it a few big names who should've been above this fraudulent behaviour or the rebranding operations selling garbage reels that fall apart in weeks thanks to thousands of 5 stars ratings.


* (25 May 2023) No more delays! A review of Penn Battle 3 has been published. Actually finalised it two days ago while on the road but could only upload it today from my secure network. Click HERE to read -and hopefully enjoy- it.