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* (3 June 2024) A tip for tackle companies; when your associates test a big spinner that is fully blank without any markings or branding it's going to arouse suspicion and someone is bound to snap photos clandestinely and send them to nosy folks like me. Much better to paint the reels and mark them with random nonsense so they'd appear like generic Chinese stuff and not attract attention. Anyway, better hurry up with my current projects because it looks like next year is going to be BUSY!


* (27 May 2024) One of the most incredible experiences is stepping into a tackle shop while touring poorer countries, and continually seeing mid-sized spinning reels selling for less than US 8$. Imagine lowering manufacturing costs enough that after adding the OEM profit, the shipping costs, importation duties, and tackle shop profit a reel is sold for 7 dollars and change! Anyhow, big stuff is coming this year. Working hard and fast.


* (11 May 2024) A considerable number of non-English speaking readers have complained about confusing parts in the recent Daiwa BG MQ review. Sorry fellas, I should've known that online translators wouldn't be able to decipher my silly "coque" jokes. I promise to act more like a grownup in the future!!


* (7 April 2024) Apologies if you had to wait too long to get a reply to your message. Trying my best but the post-review traffic surge is taking longer than usual to fade thus the number of messages remains too high. Please allow up to 6 days for a response. Thank you for understanding.


* (6 January 2024) Marking 10 years since the release of the 2014 Expedition, special edition 23' Saltiga inshore in the royal blue colour scheme of the Expedition. Click HERE to see sexiness embodied!