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.Selling some of my reels. Check them out HERE.

* (25 May 2023) No more delays! A review of Penn Battle 3 has been published. Actually finalised it two days ago while on the road but could only upload it today from my secure network. Click HERE to read -and hopefully enjoy- it.


* (14 May 2023) Fin-Nor, having been absorbed into the group that owns Penn, Mitchell, Abu-Garcia, and Van Staal, has discontinued all spinning reels. Will always appreciate the Fin-Nor Lethal 100, one of the earliest top-value modern spinners, as well as the OffShore which put big-game stopping power into the hands of budget fishermen. Will remove the reels from the Top Picks page in the upcoming update.


* (26 April 2023) Blogged a little bit tonight. Read it HERE.


* (10 April 2023) Been taking me an extra day or two to respond to emails, but rest assured that each message will receive a response. Remember to check your SPAM/BULK folder if you don't see my reply. Stay tuned.


* (21 January 2023) Been getting a lot of questions on the same subject since yesterday, so let me elaborate. The 2020 Saltiga, let's call it the offshore Saltiga, is NOT being discontinued or replaced. The 2023 Saltiga, which I'll call the inshore Saltiga, is a separate model for lighter saltwater fishing fully built for the purpose instead of attempting to downsize the offshore model. It's taking specialisation a step further, ultimately creating a trio of flagship products;  Exist for freshwater, 2023 Saltiga for inshore/light saltwater, and 2020 Saltiga for offshore. Hope this clears things up.


* (25 November 2022) Morning fishos. Looking for some fantastic Black Friday deals? Well, look no further. Just click HERE.