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.Selling some of my reels. Check them out HERE.

* (28 February 2023) Was supposed to release a review on the 4th of March, but the copyright management and legal review are taking longer than expected. I apologise for being such a complete idiot but I am hoping that you'll forgive me when you finally see it. You always do, because you're too good and I absolutely do not deserve such great readers! Sorry again and will keep you updated.


* (2 February 2023) Heard that my review of the Spheros SW-A caused its price to go up a bit. If true, I'm sorry.. I guess! Anyhow, a new review for the budget-minded fishos is taking shape. Hopefully it won't be too long now.


* (21 January 2023) Been getting a lot of questions on the same subject since yesterday, so let me elaborate. The 2020 Saltiga, let's call it the offshore Saltiga, is NOT being discontinued or replaced. The 2023 Saltiga, which I'll call the inshore Saltiga, is a separate model for lighter saltwater fishing fully built for the purpose instead of attempting to downsize the offshore model. It's taking specialisation a step further, ultimately creating a trio of flagship products;  Exist for freshwater, 2023 Saltiga for inshore/light saltwater, and 2020 Saltiga for offshore. Hope this clears things up.


* (14 January 2023) Spent enough time with the Penn Authority to share some initial impressions; very decent reel, but the excellent Slammer IV seems to already do pretty much everything it does. The Authority has some lovely specifications and engineering, but in practical terms, strictly speaking of fishiability and on-water performance, I find little reason to upgrade from the Slammer. Anyway going tuna fishing in May, and some beefy reviews should follow.


* (25 November 2022) Morning fishos. Looking for some fantastic Black Friday deals? Well, look no further. Just click HERE.


* (7 November 2022) Back from a tour. Did as much fishing as I could before the holidays. Responses to your emails are going to come quicker now, and aiming to publish new material in the not-too-distant future.