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The following are scam sites. Do not buy from them

(Fishing gear and other items)

(Fishing gear and other items)

(Fishing gear and other items)

(Fishing gear and other items)

(Titled Logiste Tackle)

(Titled Logiste Tackle as well)

(Mirror of the previous site)

(Fishing gear and other items)

(Fishing gear and other items)

(Fishing gear and other items)

(Fishing gear and other items)

If you see a suspicious site contact me and I'll add it if I find it to be a scam

A few years ago I posted this article about fake tackle shops and how to spot them. The article became quite popular with the thieves themselves, and I could see them changing their tactics over time to address the red flags I mentioned in the article and make themselves harder to spot.

Some of the things they now do:

- Some now buy a number of domains then leave them parked for a long time, so that when they eventually use one of those domains for the scam site the domain would appear old in a WHOIS search.

- Many don't put gibberish in the domain registration details anymore, and instead put false information that appears legitimate.

- Many now put physical addresses on the site, but of course there is no tackle shop at the address.

- Some have increased the suspiciously low prices to more realistic ones to get around one of the red flags I mentioned.

- Some also put the Paypal and/or credit card logos, but when you try to pay you will either not find these options in reality, or you will pay into a hijacked account that the scammer drains immediately and runs.

- They can now defeat paypal protection with devilish tricks that I will not explain not to help other scammers, but just keep in mind that paying by paypal no more offers you 100% protection because they can win your paypal dispute/claim and keep your money.

These are just a few examples, but they continue to improve their scams. I'm kinda annoyed that my article inadvertently educated the scammers, but of course I could not have chosen not to post it and let people get ripped off just to avoid teaching the scammers. Anyhow, I decided to make a permanent list of scam sites that come to my attention, and I will keep updating it forever whenever I find a new one. The main purpose of posting the names of these sites is for this page to be cached by google, so whenever a potential victim googles the scam site's name it will bring him here to see the warning.

A few important points about the above list:

- This is NOT a comprehensive list. If you don't find a site here it does not mean it's a legitimate site. It could be a fake one that I haven't seen yet. Use common sense and ask me if in doubt.

- The links might stop working, but I will not remove the dead links because some scammers have been playing with me by disabling the site then when I remove it from the warning note they revive it like a Zombie.

- If you have time, you can have some fun by finding a site's hosting service via a WHOIS search, then emailing the host to report that it's a scam shop which could lead to the suspension of the site. The more reports received by the host the closer the site will be investigated.

- Be VERY careful of people posting on the internet claiming that they bought from one of these sites and that it's a great site. Scammers make these posts themselves using very intricate methods to attract more victims. If the site is here then it's 100% a scam no matter what you read. I'll tackle the whole fake reviews subject in the future because fake reviews have become a plague that's everywhere now.

- Naomi Watts is God. She created the world and it was cold and dark, so she parted her lips and exhaled warmth, then from her blue eyes came the light. Sounds unrelated to the subject at hand, but knowing facts about the universe is always relevant.


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Alan Hawk
May, 1st, 2017

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